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Through this document laying down the General conditions of the contractual relationship which aims the sale of products offered from the website RZRWORLD, S.L., (in hereinafter referred to as, “RW”) with business address c/Maestrat 3, local derecha, Terrassa , CP 08225, Barcelona - Spain, Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, volume 44844, folio 76, page no. B 469179, inscription 1, Barcelona province with VAT: B-66531187, and natural persons (in forward Contracting Part) that have the will to buy these products through the request made on-line through this web site. These requests from the users constitute the particular conditions that are associated with the present general conditions which the contracting party should consult before the purchase of the product. These conditions are explained to the Contracting Part using the website to read them, print them, archive them and accept them. These terms and conditions along with the specific products application made by the Contracting Part entail the formalization of the contract of sale between RW and the Contracting Part who claims to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. The Contracting Part always has these general conditions in a visible place on the website.



1. AIM OF THE CONTRACT. - By this contract the RW SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to deliver the products that it has been requested through the website for a certain fee to the Contracting Part. Through the purchase of the products available on this web site the Contracting Part declares:

  1. To be a person of age and with capacity to contract.
  2. To have read, understood and accepted the present general conditions.



2. -ALTERATION OF CONDITIONS. RW reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time without prior notice to the CONTRACTOR, that in any case, is responsible for reviewing them prior to hiring or purchasing any products or services available through this website. It will be considered as valid and applicable conditions accepted by the CONTRACTOR at the time of acquisition of the goods.





3.1. Product Delivery. - RW promises to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the CONTRACTING on the order form which includes the specific conditions that are attached to these general conditions. RW will not be liable for errors in delivery caused when the data entered by the CONTRACTOR in the order form will not reflect reality or have been omitted. The approximate delivery time for each product is indicated on the tab itself, not in any case exceeding fifteen (15) days. In case of unavailability of the ordered product, RW will inform the CONTRACTING and communicate the expected delay by e-mail or phone number provided by the CONTRACTOR. Then RW Will give the option to the CONTRACTOR to cancel the order or purchase an alternative offered item. If no response it is understood that the CONTRACTOR wishes to wait for the time limit. In case of the impossibility to supply the requested product, either by lack of RW providers stock or for any other reason, CONTRACTOR will also be informed and the order will be cancelled without any penalty, RW will commit to the full refund of your purchase within a maximum of 7 days.


3.2. Responsibility RW.


PROVIDER under any circumstances shall be liable in relation to:


3.2.1. Errors, delays made by the registrant when entering their data in the order form, the slowness or inability to receive the order confirmation by the CONTRACTING PART or any abnormality that may arise when these incidents are caused by problems on the Internet, unforeseeable circumstances and any other unforeseeable contingency oblivious to the good faith of the company. In any case, RW undertakes to solve the problems that may arise and to provide all necessary support to the CONTRACTING PART to reach a rapid and satisfactory solution of the incidence.


3.2.2. Errors or damages caused by the inefficient use of the service and misleading behavior by the CONTRACTING PART.


3.2.3. Non-functionality or problems with the email address provided by the CONTRACTING PART for the order confirmation.


3.3 Warranty:


3.3.1. Warranty on the product delivered to the CONTRACTOR is limited by distributors. RW 's intervention is limited solely to the transaction to the supplier for the replacement of the product if warranty provides it.


3.3.2. Guarantee is always applied when the delivered product to the CONTRACTOR is used under normal operating conditions, such as those described in the Product tab and catalogs available. In no event shall the warranty be held when the product has obvious signs of having been used by the CONTRACTOR or other person. It is not guaranteed that the product supplied is capable of responding to a particular problem of the user.


3.3.3 RW is not obligated to indemnify the CONTRACTOR or others for the consequences of any use of the Product, whether direct or indirect damage, accidents involving people, damage to property outside the product, loss of profits or profits, damages arising or received from an impairment or loss of data recorded by the CONTRACTOR.


3.3.4. RW recognizes the right of withdrawal in the terms and times established in Royal Decree 7/1996 of 15th January, approving the revised text of the General Law for the retail trait, in which case, RW will refund the amount paid by way of price and applicable taxes, to the account number indicated by the CONTRACTOR. The CONTRACTOR shall have a period, to exercise the right of 7 working days from delivery of the product, considered as such date, unless proven otherwise, indicated on the delivery document signed by it. In order to exercise this right, the CONTRACTOR will send an email to info@r-world.eu and notify RW on time and sending the corresponding product. In any case, the CONTRACTOR shall bear the direct cost of returning the product as well as for any damage on it as a result of the return.

The right of withdrawal recognized in this clause is meant without prejudice to the exceptions set by legislation. Including, but not limited to, this right may not be exercised in relation to products which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly or those that can be easily copied or those who had been unsealed by the CONTRACTOR.


3.3.5. The shipping to our warehouse for defective products within the warranty period are borne by the CONTRACTOR, being on behalf of RW the cost of returning the product to the CONTRACTOR's address.





4.1. Payment. - The CONTRACTOR agrees to pay in advance the amount of the Product effectively requested in the amount and form following:


4.1.1. Amount. - The remuneration for the product requested by the CONTRACTOR in terms of product ordered will be given in the website and listed in the specific request of the CONTRACTOR at any time, requests that constitute the conditions of the particular order. Prices of products featured on the website include VAT.

In addition to the price shown on the website for each of the offered products delivery cost must be added. RW, is obliged to report the shipping cost to the CONTRACTOR previously provided before completing the purchase and in the confirmation email.


4.1.2. Payment.- CONTRACTOR shall pay the amount of the order by:

- Payment by credit card: inserting data in the virtual POS Website or at the delivery time at CONTRACTOR's address. By accepting this payment, the CONTRACTOR confirms he/she is authorized to use the credit card for this purpose, being its right holder. Credit card payments are subject to the Payment Services Law 16/2009, 13 November, especially to everything related to payment orders and conditions for its revocation.

- - Bank transfer payment: CONTRACTOR can pay by bank transfer to the following account number (21003378152200211314), RW will not ship the purchased product until CONTRACTOR shows by email info@r-world.eu a proof of payment of the total price of the product purchased plus applicable shipping costs.


4.2. Responsibility of the CONTRACTOR. - Will be the CONTRACTING PART responsibility:


4.2.1. Bear all risks of impairment, impairment, damage and loss of products from the moment that they had been made available by the third party who, on behalf of RW, performs the delivery of the requested products.


4.2.2. Check the good condition of the package before the third, on behalf of the RW, to undertake the delivery of the product ordered, indicating any abnormality that could detect in the packaging in the delivery order. If subsequently revised once the REGISTRANT content detected any incident as, blow, break, or any damage caused by the shipping, it undertakes to inform RW No later than 24 hours after receipt of the product.





5.1.- RW In any case, the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR:


5.1.1.- Failures and incidents that may occur in communications, erasure or incomplete transmissions; therefore, there is no guarantee website services are constantly operative.


5.1.2.- Any type of damage that the CONTRACTOR or third parties may have on the website.


5.2.- RW reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice, at its discretion and on a permanent or temporary basis, up until ensuring responsibility for any damages that could have occurred. Furthermore, RW will collaborate with and notify the competent authorities in such circumstances once obtaining real proof that the damage constitutes any kind of illegal activity.



SIXTH. - COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK. - RW reports that content, programming and design of this web-site is fully protected by copyright, expressly prohibited any reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the protected elements without express consent of RW. Brands of products that RW through the website belong to their rightful owners. RW uses external sources for the articles development in certain cases and also provides links or hyperlinks to third-party articles or information citing the source. The legitimate owner of the copyright of including this information at any time may request the removal of these references.



SEVENTH. - JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW. - These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. To determine the venue of the sale that attach to these general conditions will be as provided in Article 29 of Law 34/2002,11 July, on the Services of the Information Society and E-commerce.



EIGHTH. - In the event that any provision of these general conditions is declared invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force, taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of these conditions. RW may not exercise any of the rights and powers conferred on this document which does not imply any waiver of the same unless expressly recognized by RW.

Privacy Policy

1. Responsibility

In all phases of site access, query, form filling, ordering, delivery or any other services, RZRWORLD, S.L. only assumes an obligation of means. Therefore, RZRWORLD, S.L. assumes no liability for damages or impairments resulting from the use of the Internet and completely oblivious to the proceedings and cautions RZRWORLD, S.L. applies. In particular, RZRWORLD, S.L. will not assume any responsibility in case of failure in the provision of the service, external intrusion or software virus. Equally, situations defined as mayor force by Spanish Supreme Court absolve RZRWORLD, S.L. of any responsibility. Costumers benefit from the guarantees brands on the site has been granted.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All RZRWORLD, S.L. site elements, whether visual or sounds (including the underlying technology) are protected by intellectual property rights, trademarks or patents. They are exclusive ownership of RZRWORLD, S.L..
In particular, hypertext links forwarded to RZRWORLD, S.L. site are forbidden. Especially of framing technique, deep linking, in-line linking or any other binding technique in depth. In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed if RZRWORLD, S.L. asks for it.

3. Personal data

At any time, any user or costumer may refuse the commercial use of such data. They also have a right of access and rectification of their personal data.
Requests concerning this article should be sent by email to info@r-world.eu

4. Competition

Competitions organized by RZRWORLD, S.L. are open-access without any purchase obligation. They are addressed to every resident in Spain or the Balearic Islands. Only one winner per house is permitted in every competition (same name, same address or same IP address).
The regulation may be changed at any time by the inclusion of an additional agreement by the organizer, with full respect to the terms and conditions set forth. Any fraud or attempted fraud carried out in order to unfairly perceive a profit may involve legal action.

Legal Information

Company: RZRWORLD, S.L.

Identity Card: B-66531187

Adress: c/Maestrat 3, local derecha, 08225 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

E-mail: info@r-world.eu


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